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about US 

Bill Pewitt & Associates is a lobbying and technology procurement consulting firm. We have shaped governmental policy in the best interest of our clients and the individuals that they represent, making sure that those in need are given a voice in state government. 

We have dedicated ourselves to developing long relationships with clients, as well as members of the legislature and executive branch, along with key figures in state agencies. 



Our Services


bill pewitt 

Lobbying since 1977, Bill Pewitt has developed key relationships throughout his career with not only legislators and staff but also those in the lobby whose subject matter expertise is often critical to the success of his client's endeavors.   Whether through technical policy proficiency or knowing how to find the best advocates of a client's particular interests within the government, Bill has the familiarity with the legislative process that can best facilitate a client's needs. 

counsel and strategy

We help create solutions for our clients. 

contact network 

A strong network within the legislature and state agencies help point client opportunity.

client roster 

We attribute to creating efficiencies by pairing clients together to collaborate on opportunity.


updated procurement policy 

We keep updated info on the many changes that have occurred within the State of Texas procurement policy and Department of Information Resources policy. 

updated charting 

We keep updated charting of key decision makers and their contact information. 

I met Bill fighting with him mostly throughout the 80’s and 90’s...since then he has gone on to become a leading voice on technology and healthcare issues and a valued friend.
— Tom Suehs - Former Health & Human Services Commissioner


our philosophy 

At Bill Pewitt & Associates we speak the language of both the client and the Legislature.  We are the interpreters who bring understanding to both sides and translate opportunity into action and success. 

  • strategy 

    Our firm knows state and local government in Texas. We have dealt with lawmakers and executives for 35 years guiding our clients through the governmental process to achieve their goals. Paramount is selecting the best path to success for out clients, whether that is choosing strategic alignments with other players or bringing other resources to bear. We determine clear goals and put together the winning team of resources to reach that goal. 
  • advocacy 

    We have worked with dozens of clients both as lead lobbyist, or as part of a team.  We can lead, follow or get out of the way.  Our firm has adapted to meet whatever circumstances the situation calls for. Monitoring the legislative process and connecting with the correct decision makers makes the difference. 
  • procurement 

    We have over 30 years experience with technology procurement in the state of Texas, beginning in 1984 with the creation of the Texas Computer Industry Council, the first statewide trade association for the nascent technology industry. Together we bring experience and mature relationships with high level officials, along with growing relationships with state agency division directors and managers who are more hands-on in day to day operations.  From these multiple layers of our relationships we develop opportunities for our clients. 





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