Bill pewitt & associates, llc.


What We Do 

Throughout his career, Bill has developed key relationships with not only legislators and staff but also those in the lobby whose subject matter expertise is often critical to the success of his client’s endeavors. Whether through technical policy proficiency or knowing how to find the best advocates of a client’s particular interests within the government, Bill has the familiarity with the legislative process that can best facilitate a client’s needs.

Our Philosophy:

We speak the language of both the client and the Legislature. We are the interpreters who bring understanding to both sides and translate opportunity into action and success.

our favorite foundations

We work very hard to ensure that these non profits continue to grow and provide valiant services to those in need. 

Texas Advocacy Project.

Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communication.

Texas State Agency Business Administrator's Association.

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our clients

We historically focus on technology coupled with some valiant healthcare companies.